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How are you planning to spend your summer?

This summer Trailguide Pictures will be filming a new project and we’re looking for a female co-host to join us and be part of the short film.

join us

We’re looking for someone to join our film crew and be part of our next project.

What are we looking for exactly?

In our 2017 project we want to show that getting outdoors and exploring our natural landscape is an activity accessible to anyone, regardless of gender. We’re looking for a female member of our cast to join us and fill the role of co-host.

If you’re selected to join us all expenses will be paid for your inclusion in our team, including travel, food and accommodation. You’ll be briefed on the project and included in the planning process.

While filming you will be expected to carry your own weight, we’ll look out for you and we hope we can count on you to do the same.

This is a trial opportunity. As Trailguide Pictures amps up we’re looking for the right person to fit in to our team, someone who might accompany us on future film projects. You don’t need to be an expert, but if you’re someone who loves the outdoors, enjoys adventure, and would like to share those experiences with the world, then we’d love to hear from you.

Here are just a few of the things we’d like to see in a candidate:

  • Physically fit and able to carry a 50 to 60 lb backpack
  • Some Photography or film experience
  • Ability to tolerate extreme weather, biting insects and sleeping in the outdoors
  • Experience in the outdoors, hiking, canoeing and camping
  • A resident of Ontario

You must have experience in, and be able to demonstrate:

  • How to paddle a canoe
  • How to read a map
  • How to use a compass
  • How to set up a tent
  • How to start a camp fire

Here’s what you do.

Send us letter to introduce yourself (just use our Contact Page, that’s easiest). Tell us about any experience you have that you think may be useful as a part of our team. Tell us why you are the right person to travel with us through a wilderness area. Tell us how you can help with creating a great film. Do you have a facebook, instagram or twitter account? We’d like to know about those too.

We may ask you questions, a lot of questions. So be prepared for that. We want to make sure we bring the right person, after all, we are travelling into a wilderness location and once we’re there we aren’t leaving until the work is done.