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10 Day Wilderness Canoe Trip exploring Algonquin Park

10 Day Wilderness Canoe Trip exploring Algonquin Park from Access Point #2 at the Tim River to Access Point #6 at Canoe Lake.

Every year I try to get out and do a larger back country canoe trip. This year I decided to take advantage of the high water levels and paddle the Tim River which is an area that normally becomes difficult later in the season due to low water levels and beaver dams.

This wilderness canoe trip would challenge us through long days of paddling, portages, weather and wildlife encounters.

This is the second Wilderness Canoe Trip in my A Place to Paddle series.


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If you’d like to skip through and see some of the highlights of the trip, watch it at Youtube and follow the time links in the description. They look like this:

Tim Lake 2:30

Beaver Dam 4:50

Incredible Moose Footage 6:16

Rosebary Lake 6:35

Purinize 10:00

Mountain House 10:15 & 12:25

Bending Branches 10:50

Shippagew Lake 11:15

Blue Lake 11:23

Big Trout Lake 12:45

Loons 14:20

Otterslide Lake 16:30

Moose at Otterslie Creek 16:52

Little Otterslide Lake 17:48

Burnt Island Lake 20:32

Little Doe Lake 22:05

Sawyer 22:11

Tom Thomson Lake 22:37

Beaver 24:54

Canoe Lake 25:38

Tom Thomson Memorial 26:05

It was a trip that would help us identify who we are while we continued to improve our bushcraft and wilderness skills.