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A New Milestone!

A new milestone! Trailguide Pictures has now reached over 40,000 views per month on Youtube! Have you subscribed yet?

Truthfully, we hardly ever check our Youtube analytics. Well… we don’t check it daily anyhow… really.

Every month or so we have a look to see how we’re doing, but our philosophy has always been to just make content and to keep making content. It’s not a race, we’ll hopefully always be here.



We’ve found that Youtube is an interesting platform. You get all types of people watching, complimenting, criticizing, and engaging in one form or another. For us, our goal is to create content that our audience will enjoy, videos that might entertain or help someone new to canoe building or wilderness travel.

We never make the claim that we’re an expert, but we have been around the block a little bit. It’s that experience that we like to share, and hope to continue to share.

June 2017 marks a new milestone for Trailguide Pictures. We’ve hit the 40,000 views per month mark! Actually 43,000 last count, but who’s checking 🙂

So where are these 40,000 views coming from?

Well, according to our Youtube analytics: 40% of our audience comes from our neighbours in the United States, followed by 10% from Canada. Surprisingly South Korea comes in third with 6%, followed by the United Kingdom with 5% and Australia with 3%. The remainder of our views comes from all over the world.

Our Youtube audience has a mixed demographic. 93% of our viewers are male and as for age, our largest segment are people 45 – 54 years of age (but really, I could say that our audience is between 25 to 65 years). 

A big thanks to everyone who has watched, subscribed or shared our videos. The bottom line is that your views are why we put effort into building our channel. 

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. 

Thanks again.