Explore Further

Like the wilderness outfitters and guides who take you to those amazing places you’ve always wanted to visit, Trailguide Pictures will bring those places to you, we’ll help you explore further.

Trailguide Pictures is a boutique film and entertainment company based in Ontario, Canada.

The Ontario film company started in 2009 by canoe builder and outdoorsman Jason Eke as a way to share his experiences with his friends through his short videos posted on Youtube.

As his audience grew to reach tens of thousands of views every month, more investment was put into better film equipment and a lot more effort placed on film production.  

Explore Further

While Trailguide Pictures will always have a presence through our Youtube channels, our focus has evolved to provide landscape and adventure films for people like us, people who live to be out on the trail. In addition to our ongoing Youtube based videos, Trailguide Pictures is now producing short films which we hope will encourage people to get outside and #explorefurther.

While you’re here visiting our website, please be sure to check out our film listing page.