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The Alpine Butterfly Loop My FAVORITE BUSHCRAFT KNOT!!

The Alpine Butterfly Loop is my favorite bushcraft knot.

Building on our video series of Bushcraft knots, in this video Jason demonstrates how to tie the Alpine Butterfly Knot & Alpine Butterfly Bend Bend.

The Alpine Butterfly Loop, also known as the Lineman’s Loop is used to tie a fixed loop in a piece of rope.

The Alpine Butterfly Bend is a knot that is used to join two pieces of rope, paracord or other working line.

Both knots are easy to learn and in this video Jason demonstrates the easiest way to tie an Alpine Butterfly Loop and two ways to tie the Alpine Butterfly Bend.

The Alpine Butterfly (or Butterfly Knot as Jason calls it) is an ideal knot for bushcraft and wilderness skills or wilderness survival.

It is a stronger, more stable knot than the Bowline or the Sheetbend, so we decided to include it in our knot tying video series.

Watch Jason use the Alpine Butterfly Loop to Hang a Food Bag from Bears:

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