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Bear Safety

For me, bear safety is one of the most important parts of a backcountry camping trip. I’ll be honest, bear safety is so important to me because bears are one thing that I’m 100% afraid of. There’s no question about it. We all have our thing… bears are mine.

What I’ve learned is that you can’t let a fear stop you from enjoying the things you love. For me, I love getting outdoors and into a remote area and unfortunately (hmm… fortunately?) getting out into remote areas means a higher chance of encountering a bear. And I have.

Preparing to travel in bear country

Not to get side tracked from the original post… personally, I hate things swinging around on me or my pack. I chose my pfd (Salus Kayak Angler) because it has a large pocket on the front and I stick my bear spray in there while on a portage.

I haven’t bought or used bangers, but I do carry an air horn as part of my canoe kit.

One of the easiest and most important skills that a backcountry camper can learn (as far as bear safety goes) is how to hang a food bag.

How to hang a food bag

In this short video I demonstrate how to hang a food bag using what I believe is the best method.

Most people who argue against hanging a food bag will reason that there are few trees with a good supporting limb or simply that bears climb trees.

Both arguments are completely true.

This video will show the method that I use, which you do not need a major limb to hang your food from and the method will also pull the food bag away from the trunk of the tree.