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Best Canoe Paddle

Best canoe paddle ever!

Well, best canoe paddle right now anyhow.

If you’re at all like me, then you’ve likely tried a few different canoe paddles along the way and have found a few that you really like and perhaps have found one that you consider the best paddle ever.

There have been a few paddles that I grew fond of, but the ones that have really stood out to me lately have been the Bending Branches Sun Shadow and the Bending Branches Expedition plus.

Best Canoe Paddle

There are a few things that I initially look for in a canoe paddle that help me determine whether its in the “Best Canoe Paddle” class.

Firstly, I tend to paddle wooden canoes and so I look for a wooden canoe paddle to compliment the canoe. Sure, I could use a plastic or composite paddle, but to me there would be something off about that and the truth is that I like wooden canoes because I feel there’s nothing better than being in a boat that blends in naturally with its environment. I guess that feeling extends to the paddle in my hands.

Once I’ve found an attractive paddle I then start to look at it from a functional sense. Was it built well, how heavy is it, what does it feel like, is it the right size for me? These are all questions that help me choose a paddle.

Best Canoe Paddle

The Best Canoe Paddle

This year I discovered a new canoe paddle that has met my high expectations and earned itself the title of “Best Canoe Paddle.” Its the Bending Branches Expedition Plus paddle.

The paddle can be best described by the information provided by the company:

“Expeditionary paddlers who need endurance, power, and control in their canoe paddle will love the Expedition Plus’ power T-grip and its Rockgard® edge protection that extends all the way from the blade tip to 6 inches up the shaft. This paddle’s 4 oz. fiberglass blade wrap further protects the red alder, basswood, and roasted basswood blade for maximum durability. Made of closed grain, light weight, durable hardwoods, the Expedition Plus is both attractive and versatile for paddlers who take their time on the water more seriously.”

Best Canoe Paddle

If you’re looking to find this paddle, you can visit the Bending Branches website, ask for them at your local outfitter, or follow this link.

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