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Bushcraft: Making a Bushcraft Camp – Building a Semi-Permanent Shelter, Part One

Bushcraft: Building a Bushcraft Camp – Building a Semi-Permanent Shelter, Part One

Realizing that I don’t need to travel hours away from home to get outdoors in and into a wilderness area to practice my camp skills, I’ve decided to set up a bushcraft camp here in Grey County, Ontario.

This is the second in a series of bushcraft and wilderness survival skills or camping skills videos.

Bushcraft: Building a Bushcraft Camp

In this second video, fighting off a flu I decide to bring Pip out with me to the Bushcraft Camp for moral support. Together we begin to build our semi-permanent shelter with what natural resources we have available to us.

Situated in a mostly mixed hardwood forest, the majority of the available timber is Ironwood and Ash hardwoods.

Building the shelter is harder than I had anticipated, partly due to fighting off a flu and partly due to running the camera.

Despite the obstacles, I manage to get a basic lean-to tarp shelter set up that will continue to provide a dry area for firewood storage and be the basis for what I will continue to build on.

In the next video, winter arrives and I discover some bad news. I then continue to build the shelter.

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