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Building Canoe Gunwales

Building canoe gunwales is a relatively easy part of the canoe building process but it does require a bit of planning and measurement if you are going to create scuppered inwales.

Scuppered inwales add a nice design detail to the canoe and provide additional function for tying off points as well as help to drain water out of a boat.


The following videos are what I consider “Archive Footage”. Back in 2010, I made a few Youtube videos about canoe building, these were the first videos I had made and a lot has changed since then. In 2013, I upgraded my camera so that I could film in HD and made a few more videos. Nowadays I have a new shop, an even better new camera, audio equipment, lighting… and have been moving towards producing high quality films for my growing audience. The remarkable thing about these early videos is that as embarrassing as they are for me to watch, they are what got me started producing film and still contain some very good information. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you’re looking for more videos about canoe building, please check out the other resources I have here.

Building Canoe Gunwales, part one

There are different methods for building canoe gunwales and so the following videos are purely the method I use.

In part one, I get started and explain the importance of planning out your gunnels, where the yoke and seats will fit in are vitally important if you are building canoe gunwales that will have scuppered inwales.

Building Canoe Gunwales, part two

In part two, I begin to do the assembly of the gunwales and get them clamped up.