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Building a hybrid stitch & glue – cedar strip kayak

I’m extremely happy to announce the beginning of a new project.

For years I’ve been interested in learning more and building a stitch and glue boat. Not only have I been very attracted to this type of wooden boat, but for my own development as a wooden boat builder learning a new method will just make me a better all round boat builder.

Recently I approached Chesapeake Light Craft, interested in building one of their kayaks.


Soon, I’ll start building the Shearwater 17 hybrid stitch and glue – cedar strip kayak and create a series of videos detailing the construction.

The Shearwater 17 is a hybrid stitch and glue, cedar strip boat. A light touring class kayak that’s 17 feet long and has a beam of 22 inches. Her finished weight should come in at around 45 lbs.

She’s a sleek boat and will be a pleasure to both build and paddle.