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Bushcraft: Building a Bushcraft Camp

Bushcraft: Building a Bushcraft Camp – Scouting a location and then building a temporary A-frame shelter and fire pit.

This is the first in a series of bushcraft and wilderness survival skills or camping skills videos.

Bushcraft: Introduction

I come from a family who has enjoyed getting out in the outdoors for generations. My one grandfather built a small wooden boat for my brother and I to paddle around in when we were old enough to walk. He also taught me fishing in the Great Lakes. Later in life he was a founder of the Collingwood fish hatchery. My other grandfather was also an avid fisherman and wrote articles on Bass fishing for magazine publications.

I had my first wilderness camping experience over 35 years ago when my father took me on a wilderness canoe trip in Northern Ontario. We spent the days canoeing the Mattawa River, fishing and sightseeing. So many years ago but the memories seem like only last week.

Since then I’ve continued to explore further on my own.

I’ve travelled across Canada, to parts of the United States and to Australia and South East Asia.

I’m very grateful to have had those opportunities.

In recent years I’ve been reflecting on the adventures I’ve had: Rock Climbing in BC, Kayaking in the Indian Ocean, hiking and canoeing all over the world it seems.

I decided it was time to focus a little on sharing some more of my experiences and to also look at adventure close to home. Here in Grey County, Ontario.

This new series, I’m calling “Bushcraft” for lack of a better term, is just a video record of what I’m doing here, now. It’s about sharing the landscape I call home and just sharing my trials and failures in the outdoors.

I still have a lot to learn and a lot to experience.

Bushcraft: Building a Bushcraft Camp

In this first video I go and scout out a suitable place to build a bushcraft basecamp and set up a temporary A-frame tarp shelter that I can use if the weather turns bad while I’m out there, and then dig and build a fire pit.

It’s the beginning of this new adventure.