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Bushcraft: Building a Camp Shelter

Bushcraft: Building a Camp Shelter – Building a Semi-Permanent Shelter, Alone in Winter (Part Two)

I’ve wanted to build a Bushcraft Camp for the past few years. The idea is to create a wilderness camp that would include a shelter, fire pit, cooking facilities, storage/firewood area, and a bushcrafting area.

bushcraft building a camp shelter

Bushcraft: Building a Camp Shelter

This is the third in my “Bushcraft” series.

In the previous episodes I’ve scouted out a location and began to set up a semi-permanent shelter.

In this third video, winter has arrived. It’s been a while since I was out to the Camp due to coming off a flu. Heading out to the camp I’m a bit worried how the camp has dealt with the arrival of winter and the high winds and heavy snowfall that the region has seen the past few days.

Situated in a mostly mixed hardwood forest, the majority of the available timber is Ironwood and Ash hardwoods.

Building the camp shelter is harder than I had anticipated, mostly due to running the camera and creating a video series.

Despite the obstacles, I manage to get a basic lean-to style shelter set up that will continue to provide a dry area for firewood storage and be the basis for what I will continue to build on. Building a camp shelter in winter I need to give some serious thought to how I build the shelter, what materials I use and probably more than anything else I need to consider the weight load of the snow that will inevitably be accumulating on the roof.

Fortunately… or maybe unfortunately, the hardwood bush provides me with ample timber resources to build the camp shelter. The majority of the shelter is built with Ironwood, which is the hardest hardwood in Canada. 

In the next video I continue to build the Bushcraft Camp as winter grips the area.

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