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Canoe Building Tips: Stripping the bottom of a canoe

Canoe building tips are available all over the place. You can find them online in special canoe forums, in books, or in dvd’s and digital downloads, or take a course with an experienced builder.

When I started building canoes I searched all over and I think I probably read or watched them all. My book shelf was full of purchased books or downloaded articles and plans. Nowadays I’ve reduced the collection on the shelf to what I believe have been the most influential canoe building tips in my own development as a canoe builder.

Canoe Building Tips

What I found is that while the basics of canoe building remain the same, there are little subtle differences in how each builder creates a boat. Likewise, I’ve developed my own style of canoe building.

Canoe Building Tips: Stripping the bottom of a canoe

In this video, I complete the stripping of the cedar canoe and explain different methods of stripping the bottom of a canoe. What I demonstrate in the video is how to incorporate the chevron pattern into the bottom of a canoe hull.

This canoe is being built without an inner stem and staple free construction.

The following video is what I consider “Archive Footage”. Back in 2010, I made a few Youtube videos about canoe building, these were the first videos I had made and a lot has changed since then. In 2013, I upgraded my camera so that I could film in HD and made a few more videos. Nowadays I have a new shop, an even better new camera, audio equipment, lighting… and have been moving towards producing high quality films for my growing audience. The remarkable thing about these early videos is that as embarrassing as they are for me to watch, they are what got me started producing film and still contain some very good information. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you’re looking for more canoe building tips, please check out the other resources I have here.