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Canoe Season

I can’t wait for Canoe Season. There’s no question that canoe tripping is my thing.

I try to keep myself busy through winter and despite the cold, I’ve found that I can always find something to do and somewhere to explore. Still, I do call winter the “Off Season” for a reason. My passion (my addiction) are canoes and canoe tripping.

Every day through winter I’m dreaming, and planning for where I’ll get to in the coming warmer months. As Spring arrives I begin to feel antsy in anticipation for the warmer weather. My patience is tested in the Spring because we always have warm days to tease me and give me a false sense of canoe season. I need to remind myself during these early days that the water is still cold, water levels are at their highest and currents are strong. Spring is the worst time of year to paddle (as far as safety is concerned), so its best that I wait until the water levels have come down a bit.

I think it’s good though. To have my patience tested as I wait to put the canoe in the water. I think patience is something we learn while out in our boats and perhaps the lead up to the season is some sort of preparation. A reminder to relax, breathe and be patient.

Canoe SeasonCanoe Season 2016

This year I’ll be getting out to some of my usual spots that I like to visit. You know, those special places that have a familiarity about them and provide that “home” feeling, even when you’re out in the bush.

I’ll also be visiting some new places as I push my comfort level and allow myself to Explore Further.

While on these trips I’ll be testing out some new equipment and producing a few new short films, both being the best way to spend my time on a trip. I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with you through photography and film.