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Cedar-strip Canoe Building

Cedar-strip Canoe Building is the most popular form of canoe building for homebuilders.

The canoes are constructed by gluing together 1/4″ thick by  3/4″ wide strips of cedar over a specially designed building jig which consists of “station molds.” It’s the combined station forms that define the shape of the hull based on the specific design of the canoe being built.


Typically, the cedar strips are shaped with a bead profile on one edge of the strip and a cove profile on the other edge of the strip. The cedar strips are then edge-glued to each other by fitting the bead edge of a strip into the cove edge of the previous strip. The strips are held in place, on the station molds by using staples, or by clamping to the forms.

Cedar-strip Canoe Building Tip: Stapling the cedar strips

If you’re planning on building a cedar-strip canoe, we’ve produced a variety of free videos that will help you build a canoe from scratch. The following is one of our short videos which offers the new canoe builder with a tip on how to staple the cedar-strips so that the strips are attached to the station forms without being marked or damaged by the stapler.

Cedar-strip Canoe Building

Once the strips are glued together the inside and outside are sanded fair and then a sheet of fiberglass and epoxy is applied to the canoe. The fiberglass gives the canoe its strength and makes a waterproof hull while allowing the cedar-strips to be seen.

Cedar-strip Canoe Building Videos

If you’re looking for a Cedarstrip Canoe Building Video, then please check out our short film “The Cedarstrip Canoe.”

Download your copy of The Cedarstrip Canoe

Our archived Cedar-strip Canoe Building videos are watched 30,000 times per month by people around the world interested in building a canoe. Although the videos are a bit crude compared to our standards for film making today, they’re still a valuable resource to the new builder.

Please click on the links below to access these free videos.

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Please remember: Although these videos have helped thousands of people build their own canoe, they don’t replace getting direct advice from an expert builder. Always refer to the plans and design guidelines provided from where you purchase your canoe plans or canoe kits.