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Islet Lake Algonquin Park

Islet Lake Algonquin Park is a nice little lake within Algonquin Provincial Park which is accessible by backcountry canoe tripping or by hiking the Western Uplands Trail.

Islet Lake Algonquin Park

On Thanksgiving weekend 2016, my friend Jesse Brown (a martial arts instructor from Toronto) and I canoed into the park for the long weekend.

Islet Lake Algonquin Park – Getting There

To get there we travelled north on highway 11 to the town of Kearney, Ontario. The Ontario Parks office is located in Kearney and that’s where we picked up our park permit. From there its a 25 km drive to Algonquin Park Access #4 at Rain Lake.

Algonquin Park Access #4 has a fair amount of parking and can be a pretty active put in spot. Rain Lake itself is a relatively long, narrow lake and winds can pick up pretty easy along the way.

We paddled my 16 ft Prospector Cedarstrip Canoe into Rain Lake and our first portage was near the south east end of the lake. The 700m portage connected us to the next lake along the trip – Hot Lake.

Hot Lake is a smaller lake and approximately only half a km wide, so we were quickly across and back on land for the final portage to Islet Lake. Its important to note that there aren’t any campsites on Hot Lake, so if you’re planning a longer trip be sure to plan your night on either Rain Lake or Islet Lake.

The portage from Hot Lake to Islet Lake is 455m and is a relatively easy trail to hike.

Islet Lake Algonquin Park has seven campsites that are accessible by canoe and four campsites accessible by the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail.

We arrived to Islet Lake later in the day. It was a cloudy and cold day, so we decided to take the first good campsite we could find. Fortunately for us, there was one available very close to the portage, on the west side of the lake.

The campsite was large and very well maintained with a decent fire pit and a relatively new thunder box a bit further in the bush behind the campsite.

Islet Lake Algonquin Park 

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