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Jason Eke

Jason Eke is a canoe builder and paddling enthusiast who enjoys exploring new places, meeting new like-minded people and sharing those experiences through his films. He’s an advocate for paddle-sports and watershed conservation projects and spreads that message through his audience of 25,000+ monthly viewers.

The Producer and Director here at Trailguide Pictures Jason can be seen in our films Canoe: Icon of the North, The Cedar Strip Canoe and the Place to Paddle series.


His company, Trailguide Pictures is a boutique film and entertainment company started in 2009 as a way to share his experiences with his friends through his short videos posted on Youtube. As his audience grew to reach tens of thousands of views every month, more effort was put into film production and Trailguide Pictures was born.

Jason Eke has been building canoes and small boats for over a decade and paddling them for a lot longer. In addition to paddling, Jason is also an avid hiker and considers a portage “just a chance to get out of the canoe and have a little hike.”

Jason has travelled across north america and lived in Ontario and British Columbia, he’s also been fortunate to have lived for half a decade in Australia and visited several south east asian countries.

In addition to being an expert outdoorsman, Jason has over 30 years of martial arts experience which led him to careers in law enforcement, high profile private security and investigations careers. Through his martial arts background he has come to adopt a philosophical view that the goal of life should be peace without incident. He believes that being in a natural environment helps to promote that point of view by connecting us with our original community – nature.