Kevin Callan – Icon of the North

Kevin CallanKevin Callan is an educator, film maker, wilderness traveller and well known author of thirteen books, including the best selling “The Happy Camper”, the incredibly popular series of paddling guides, and most reviewed “Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss”.

His experience and insight into wilderness canoe tripping is incredible and to sit and talk with him while filming Canoe: Icon of the North was more than a valuable.

While filming Canoe: Icon of the North we interviewed Kevin. Unfortunately, due to the number of interviews and restraints from the length of the film, only a small part of the interview could be used in Canoe: Icon of the North.

Trailguide Pictures is happy to announce the release of the complete Kevin Callan interview, now available for digital download.

Download your copy of the complete Kevin Callan interview

Kevin Callan

Special thanks to Bending Branches, Bureau, Canoeroots Magazine, The Canadian Canoe Foundation, Eureka!, Fox 40, inReach, Jetboil, KEEN, Salus Marine for helping us with the Canoe: Icon of the North project.