The Cedarstrip Canoe

Cedarstrip CanoeCedarstrip canoe building video‘s are what got Jason Eke started. Way back before the creation of Trailguide Pictures. Now, after reaching an online audience of over 30,000 views per month, we’ve re-filmed a canoe build with our new 4K cameras to produce a cedarstrip canoe building video that we’d be proud of as a short film.

The Cedarstrip Canoe is a short film by canoe builder and outdoorsman Jason Eke.

The Cedarstrip Canoe is an overview of the building process and contains other important information about owning or paddling a cedarstrip canoe. The film is a great starting point or companion film for anyone interested in building or owning a cedarstrip canoe.

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“I remember when I was first starting out and interested in building a cedar-strip canoe. I researched, read and watched every resource that I could find before eventually building my first boat. With this film, The Cedarstrip Canoe, I wanted to provide new independent builders with a short film which outlines a build and answers a lot of questions they may have.” – Jason Eke

The Cedarstrip Canoe 

Do you want to build a Cedarstrip Canoe?

Trailguide Pictures had its beginnings in the realm of canoe building and we hope to continue to build on that past by continuing to promote canoe culture.
We love canoes, but of course … maybe a bit more, we love canoes that have been built by the people paddling them. Canoe building is a great journey.
Every year we receive countless emails from people thinking about building their own boat. People looking for a little bit of advice. We love hearing from you. Feel free to contact us with your questions when you have them and we’ll always try to respond.

Explore Further

Here at Trailguide Pictures, we understand our audience’s desire to “Explore Further” and planning is underway to help take our audience there.
To date, Trailguide Pictures has produced and released three films: “Canoe: Icon of the North”; “Sprint: Canoe and Kayak Racing”; and now “The Cedarstrip Canoe.” We are also currently working on a new destination style film series to be released later this year.
Update: In June 2017, Trailguide Pictures released our first destination film “A Place to Paddle: Wabakimi Provincial Park.”