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Parts of a Canoe Paddle

Have you ever wondered what the technical names were for the parts of a canoe paddle?

parts of a canoe paddle

It doesn’t matter what shape or style of a paddle you’re using. It also doesn’t matter what material your paddle is made of. The descriptive names for the different areas on a paddle are going to be the same.

There aren’t that many parts of a canoe paddle and their names all make sense, so are easy to learn and remember. The six parts of a canoe paddle are:

  1. The Grip
  2. The Shaft
  3. The Throat
  4. The Shoulder
  5. The Blade
  6. The Tip

Is it really that important to know the names for the parts of a paddle? Well, probably not but we do believe in skills development and certainly one part of becoming a better paddler is learning some of the simple terms you may hear. If for no other reason, at least you’ll sound like you know your stuff the next time you go into your local outfitter to buy your next favorite paddle.

We put together this short video (below) to illustrate these simple terms and hopefully help you on your way.

Parts of a Canoe Paddle

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