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Skin on frame canoe plans

skin on frame canoe

Please find the free skin on frame canoe plans at the bottom of this article. You can download these skin on frame canoe plans as a pdf file for your own reference.


Over the years there’s been a method of boat building that has caught my eye and interested me. It’s the skin on frame style of building.

Skin on frame boats have been around for a long time, they are the Greenland style kayaks that we’re all aware of, which later became known as Fuselage Framed boats and are now popularly known as Skin on Frame.

skin on frame canoe

I believe the skin on frame boats really became popular around the 1950’s and ’60’s era thanks to print publications like Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and Boat Builders Annual. During that time, home builders were introduced to this method of boat building as an inexpensive way to build a canoe or kayak.

The free skin on frame canoe plans that I have included in this article are some of the first that I discovered years ago while researching skin boats. Although these are proven designs and quite possibly still being built today, I’m providing these plans here as a reference only. Like all things, building methods and technologies are constantly being improved on, so these skin on frame canoe plans are meant for educational purposes only.

Over the next few months I’ll be posting other articles as I build my own skin on frame canoe.

The skin on frame canoe I’ll be building is of my own design and so, the building method is also my own. I’ll be combining some of the skills I’ve developed from building cedar strip boats and modifying them to the skin on frame canoe. 

As for the boat, my skin on frame canoe will be a 14 foot solo tripping canoe. I’m hoping it will be a lightweight and durable canoe that will support an extended weekend canoe trip.

Free Skin on Frame Canoe Plans
Skin on frame canoe plans Little Chief
The Little Chief Skin on frame canoe
skin on frame kayak king canvas back
King Canvas Back Skin on Frame Kayak
skin on frame kayak canvas back
Canvas Back Skin on Frame Kayak
skin on frame canoe blue bill
Blue Bill Skin on Frame Canoe


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