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Sprint Canoe & Kayak Movie

Sprint Canoe Poster

The Sprint Canoe & Kayak Movie is a great little film that I shot while filming Canoe: Icon of the North after I had the opportunity to meet and interview some of Canada’s elite athletes. Truth be known, I didn’t have any previous experience or knowledge of the sport of sprint canoe or kayak racing, but as I was learning about how important the canoe is in Canadian culture I discovered that the Olympic sport of Sprint Canoe had it’s origins here in Canada with regattas. In fact, few people know this, the “C” that identifies a particular division and boat in sprint canoe stands for “Canadian.”

Sprint Canoe & Kayak MovieI know, I know, it’s easy for a Canadian to make this type of claim and draw more importance and ownership to the sport, but it’s true. You see, if you go way back before the sport was in the Olympics there were regattas happening (largely in Canada) around the world, there were two distinct types of boats being used and one of those was called “the Canadian Class boat.” So when in the forties Canada introduced Sprint Canoe to the Olympic games they brought with them the Canadian Class boat and simplified the identification of the boat by using the letter “C.”

Nowadays there are C1, C2, C4 and C15 boats that are raced in the sport of Sprint Canoe. That “C” still represents “Canadian Class” and is the only Olympic sport that references a country in it’s description. Of course, nowadays the “C” is just regarded to mean “Canoe” but it’s a pretty cool bit of history that I learned while filming Icon of the North and Sprint.

Sprint: Canoe & Kayak the film was created to be an inspiring film about the sport of Sprint Canoe & Kayak, getting in touch with the elite athletes, world champions and Olympians, to rediscover what’s special about the sport from their perspective.

During my time interviewing the athletes I was very fotunate to meet Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny, Richard Dober Jr., Hugues Fournel, Christine Gauthier, Scott Logan, Christian Maranda, Mark Oldershaw, Taylor Potts, Ben Russell, Adam vanKoeverden, and Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, whose opinions and stories are shared in the film.