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How to Tie a Clove Hitch Knot

In this Clove Hitch Knot tutorial Jason demonstrates how to tie the Clove Hitch Knot.

Learning to tie knots has always been an important part of camping skills and the Clove Hitch has been one of the first knots taught in programs like the Boy Scouts (now known as Scouts) for generations.

This is an easy all purpose hitch knot that’s both easy to tie and untie. It’s a good binding knot that’s often used to start lashing knots.

A bit of care should be taken when using this knot because it can slip or become undone, especially if constant pressure isn’t maintained on the line.

The Clove Hitch is often considered one of the first three knots you should learn and is taught as a camping knot and also a Scouts Knot. So, its an ideal knot for bushcraft and wilderness skills or wilderness survival.

If you’re looking for a stronger knot that won’t slip, we highly recommend you check out the Constrictor Knot, which is tied almost identically to the Clove Hitch.

You can check out our Constrictor Knot video here.

The Clove Hitch Knot is easy to tie or untie and even after being heavily loaded its reasonably easy to release.