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How to tie a paracord bracelet

Learn the EASIEST Paracord Bracelet in 90 SECONDS!!

Are you looking for a cool paracord project or perhaps something to do around the campsite? Have you ever wanted to learn to tie a paracord survival bracelet?

In our latest video we show you how to tie the best paracord bracelet using the Cobra Knot.

The Cobra Knot is a very easy knot to tie for paracord bracelets or paracord lanyards and that’s why we think this is the best paracord survival bracelet.

To start off, all you’ll need is 7 or 8 feet of paracord, and a clasp. You’ll also need a sharp pair of scissors and a lighter.

What’s great about these types of bracelets is that it can be easily untied to give you up to 56 feet of working line (when you remove the inner strands from your 7 strand cordage).

A paracord bracelet is attractive to wear and ensures that you always have cordage for camping, bushcraft and wilderness survival. View how to tie a paracord bracelet in 90 seconds or pause and rewind each step to learn at your own pace.

I hope you like the BEST Paracord Bracelet in 90 SECONDS video.

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