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Trilliums in bloom

Trilliums are popping up in bloom around Ontario and for many people its a clear signal that spring has finally sprung (despite the snow falling outside as I write this).


There are a lot of native wildflowers that grow in this region but the trillium, with its lush thick leaves and petals is always a pleasure to see in early spring. In fact, every year after the snow falls I eagerly wait and keep my eye out for the first signs of this flower.

As most people are aware, the white trillium is the official flower of the the province of Ontario and the state of Ohio and can be found in the hardwood forests through Quebec, Ontario and the southern parts of the United States along the Appalachian Mountains, and west to Minnesota. It’s a perennial plant that grows to around 20 cm tall, with its bright white flower that can be easily seen as you hike through the region.

white trillium

Even on this cold morning that resembles winter with light snow falling and melt water weighing this flower down, the trillium remains a reminder that warmer temperatures are on their way.


Trilliums are a favorite food of the white-tailed deer and I often see where the ground has been stirred up from their buffet of the young flowers. Although I’m still waiting for the day I actually sneak up on a deer having it’s lunch in a sea of white trilliums for that perfect photo opportunity.

Please remember it’s important not to forget those “Leave No Trace” principles and never pick wildflowers or try to dig them up and move to a home garden. There are a number of different types of trillium and you can find the seeds available inexpensively online. By leaving these wildflowers where they naturally grow and not disturbing them you’re helping to ensure that they’ll be around next year.

If you want to see Trilliums growing, get out and go for a hike! There are a number of great places you can visit and see them while they last. #ExploreFurther