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Wax Fire Starters

Wax Fire Starters are a great small craft that can be shared with scouting and camp groups. They have been used for generations to start a camp fire and are made using materials that can be easily found around the home.

wax fire starters

If you’ve struggled to get the fire going when you’ve been out camping, then Wax Fire Starters may be the thing you need on your next camping trip.

Wax Fire Starter Material List

To create your own wax fire starter you’ll need the following materials and tools:

  • Egg carton(s)
  • Drier lint or wood shavings
  • Parafin wax or old candles
  • Two Pots or a Pot, tin can and channel lock liars
  • Old newspaper or something to cover your counter space/work area

Wax Fire Starters

How To Make Wax Fire Starters

Making wax fire starters is a very easy process. All you need to do is fill the egg cartons with either drier lint or wood shavings and then pour melted wax into the egg cups. Essentially you’re making tiny little candles filled with a combustible fuel source.

The trickiest part of the process is melting the wax, but even that is very straight forward. Special care needs to be taken when melting the paraffin wax by using a double boiler method. Simply put enough water in your larger pot so that you can bring it to a safe boil while your smaller pot is sitting inside. You’ll want to bring your water to a boil but then reduce the heat so that you don’t have a lot of water splashing around and contaminating your wax.

Paraffin wax is on its own flammable, so its not advisable to try this on an open flame.

Pros and Cons of Wax Fire Starters

There are some pros and cons about wax fire starters.

I like to think of these as a fun craft that does produce a functional piece of gear for a new camper. Anyone who has watched a new camper struggle to get a fire going will recognize that by having something like a wax fire starter available would help make a camping trip a little bit more pleasant for those just starting out.

Home made wax fire starters are a bit bulky compared to commercially available fire starters that are available and the cost to purchase a readymade fire starter is minimal. You’ll need to weigh your options and decide what type of fire starter you want to bring and if its worth the work and effort of making your own wax fire starters. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t use any type of crafted fire starter when I go camping. I think that if I did, I’d likely bring one or two of the commercially made ones that are smaller and easier to pack away or the rope type of wax fire starter shown in the video.

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