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Winter Solace

winter solace

Winter Solace is a web series exclusive to Instagram.

winter solace

For a couple years I’ve wanted to create a film focused on exploring a winter landscape. After a lot of thought and planning I decided to challenge myself and create a web series that had to conform to the Istagram guidelines for short videos.

If you’re not familiar with the guidelines, basically all videos need to be under 1 minute long.

As a film maker and producer this creates a few challenges, but the main one is how to create enough interest at the same time as showcasing the subject of the film in a short amount of time.

Here is the first episode of Winter Solace, an Instagram exclusive web series. I’ve published the pilot first episode on youtube and shared on the other Trailguide Pictures social feeds like Facebook and Twitter in order to let our community know about the project.

Winter Solace is a web series about exploring our natural landscape in winter. Its about finding a source of relief from our every day troubles during a season that has half of North America bundled up inside their homes.

I’d like to invite you to join our community at Instagram and watch Winter Solace as a free program.

Want to see more? Follow us on instagram at and watch all of the episodes as they become available.

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