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Youtube Community Contributions

I want to make some changes to my Youtube channel to improve accessibility for everyone through community contributions.

Community contributions is a tool available to Youtube creators which enables crowd sourcing for transcribing captions in a creators Youtube video. Its really a great tool and I hope that the community get involved.

Basically its a way for a Youtube audience to become a community within the channel. The audience creates and uploads the captions and subtitles for a video.

Ok, so why should YOU even do this?

What’s the point of having translations, captions or subtitles?

You see, the thing is, closed captioning is vital for accessibility. 

Over the years I’ve actually received comments and emails from people with hearing difficulties who wished the videos were captioned so they could follow along better.

Accessibility in video doesn’t only mean providing accessibility for people with hearing difficulties but also benefits everyone. Subtitles and captions will also help people who speak english as a second language but also help people in different life situations.

Think of it. You could be watching a video on your cell phone or tablet while you sit in bed next to your sleeping partner or your sleeping child. Maybe you’re watching while commuting or sitting in a busy office building. There are a lot of situations when we want to watch a video with the volume turned down. Adding subtitles and captions helps improve our interaction with the program.

If you decide to help out, you’ll be credited for your contributions in the description of the video.

It’s up to you how you decide to help. You can submit content for an entire video or just add what you know. If you find the translated content is complete you can still help by reviewing it for its accuracy.

I hope you see the value of accessibility as I do and are willing to help through community contributions.

Thanks for being part of our community and thanks for watching.